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🏢 How to Use Occupancy Intelligence for Neighborhood Planning - Live Webinar

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Office Utilization has Increased 135% since the Start of the Pandemic

Today we’re excited to launch VergeSense's State of the Hybrid Workplace Report (Q3 2021). The report reveals insight into how office utilization is shifting across the...

October 19th, 20214 min read

Space Availability

VergeSense Passive Occupancy Helps Companies Prepare for the Hybrid Workplace

June 30th, 20214 min read

Space Availability | Portfolio Evaluation | Intelligent Space Design | Product

How JLL, Corporate Real Estate Leader, Creates Dynamic Workplaces Using Data

March 24th, 20215 min read

Space Availability

How Data Science is Transforming the Way We Utilize the Workplace

August 26th, 20207 min read