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Create the frictionless office your team expects

Occupancy Intelligence for Space Optimization makes it simple for your team to find a place to work by integrating with your space booking software and putting real-time data in your employees' hands.

Start Your Space Optimization

Integrate with space booking

Automate the mundane space booking tasks away

Expecting your team to always book and release conference rooms on their own is so 2019.  Instead, integrate real-time usage data with the leading space booking platforms to automatically book and release meetings as your team moves about the office.  

Auto-release Abandoned meetings

Make ghosted meetings less scary

It’s commonplace for your team to book a conference room and then meet somewhere else.  Occupancy intelligence lets you understand what time the space is supposed to be occupied - and if it isn't, automatically release the room and make it available to the rest of your team. 

Auto-book meetings

Room-squatting happens

When the team gets together and inspiration strikes, it’s easy for them to forget to book the space they’re working in.  Occupancy Intelligence for Space Optimization eliminates this problem by capturing when your team is using an unbooked meeting room and automatically reserving it through your space booking system. 

Customer story

Global consulting firm saves $50k per month by auto-releasing abandoned meeting rooms

A global management consulting firm struggled with low employee satisfaction because their meeting rooms were consistently booked and then abandoned.  VergeSense helped them uncover exactly how many meetings were being ghosted and freed up the equivalent of $50k per month of unused real estate.

Real time office view

Empower your team to find spaces at a glance

Kiosk Lite allows your team to easily find individual or collaborative workplaces at a glance with a real-time view of the office powered by occupancy intelligence.  And because VergeSense captures passive occupancy, when someone leaves a jacket, laptop, or bag in a space, the space will be made unavailable. 


Optimize your space availability with occupancy intelligence

A lack of hard data to validate or disprove new space requests combined with inconsistent occupancy makes creating a well-balanced portfolio a challenge.  Occupancy Intelligence unlocks the answers.