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Dynamic Operations

Control your operations costs with occupancy-based routines

Occupancy Intelligence for dynamic operations allows you to clean the spaces that have been recently occupied by combining real-time data with your most critical cleaning workflows.

Start Your Space Optimization

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Understand which spaces have been recently occupied

When occupancy is inconsistent, cleaning every space with fixed routines leads to overspending. Occupancy Intelligence for dynamic operations gives you a true understanding of the spaces that have been recently occupied, so you can create a new, cost-effective strategy for your cleaning services.

Occupancy-based cleaning routines

Reduce cleaning costs by cleaning with precision

By understanding which spaces have been recently occupied, facilities teams can deploy their cleaning services with precision. When you're only deploying services to the spaces that actually need to be cleaned, you'll unlock millions in savings each year. 

Customer story

Global bank leverages occupancy intelligence to save $2M annually by automating cleaning workflows

A global financial institution with 83k employees knew they were overspending on cleaning costs and were looking for ways to be more efficient, while also meeting their ESG goals.  Through VergeSense, they discovered a way to save 50% on their cleaning costs annually. 

Automated operations

Save time by automating cleaning services through your workplace applications

By integrating Occupancy Intelligence for dynamic operations with your your existing facility or workplace management solutions, you can take your precision cleaning to the next level.  Save time by automating your critical cleaning workflows based on data from VergeSense so you're only deploying services where they're needed.

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Optimize your operations with occupancy intelligence

A lack of hard data to validate or disprove new space requests combined with inconsistent occupancy makes creating a well-balanced portfolio a challenge.  Occupancy Intelligence unlocks the answers.