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Portfolio Evaluation

Evaluate, optimize, and reduce CRE costs

Occupancy Intelligence for portfolio evaluation ensures that every office within your portfolio is properly sized, located, and ready to support your future workplace needs.  

Start Your Portfolio Optimization

Demand accurate data

Say bye-bye to WiFi

Stop relying on inaccurate WiFi data to make your most important portfolio decisions.  Use computer vision powered entryway sensors to anonymously capture the count of anyone who enters or exits each office - at 2x the accuracy and the same cost as WiFi.

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True Understanding

Leverage AI to generate portfolio-level insights

Understand how your offices are performing with curated dashboards that analyze and categorize people count across every office, building, and floor.  Gain the true understanding you’ve always needed. 

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Customer story

Fresenius Medical Care saves $6M annually with occupancy intelligence

Fresenius Medical Care, a global medical company valued at $17B, was faced with low usage in one of their main locations. VergeSense was deployed and saved them $60M over their 10 year lease.

One connected view

Integrate with your IWMS for maximum visibility

Combine occupancy intelligence with your leasing, spend, and department data in your IWMS to power the single-source of truth for portfolio optimization your real-estate team has dreamt of.