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Innovative companies trust VergeSense

Enterprises all over the world rely on spatial intelligence for anonymous and accurate data about the spaces in which they work.

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Success stories

Companies around the world are using the VergeSense Spatial Intelligence Platform to continuously optimize their workplaces for experience and cost.

Fresenius Medical Care

How Fresenius created a leaner, more productive workplace

Fresenius deployed VergeSense to identify underutilization and plot a course to achieve $6 Million in annual cost avoidance.

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A bright and open hallway at Fresenius with cubbies

How Rapid7 Saved Over $240,000 Annually with VergeSense

When companies look to maximize workspace, it often means finding ways to increase the number of people who can occupy an office. Rapid7 has taken a different approach by trying to create spaces that enhance the employee experience — and thus productivity — while using VergeSense to test the effectiveness of their solutions

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Rapid7 workplace with beautiful seating and vibrant lights
Global HR Company

How a large enterprise HR company uses workplace data to increase employee productivity

Global HR Company trusted VergeSense to create great experiences to increase employee productivity.

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Professionals collaborating at a large HR firm

How to know if VergeSense is the right solution for you

Follow these three steps to learn if VergeSense is the right solution for you. We’re here to help you gain the clarity you need to optimize your workplace.

Why global enterprise companies value VergeSense

"Using VergeSense, we were able to exponentially increase the understanding of how our portfolio was being used by employees. That helped us uncover cost savings."

"Employees are our customers and we value our employees most. When employees are happy, they work harder and we gain more profitability."

"We are on a mission to completely digitize the real estate management experience. VergeSense is at the center of that digital transformation."

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