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Occupancy intelligence powers real estate, workplace, and facilities teams from the world’s most innovative and employee-centric companies.


200+ companies


50 countries


110M+ sqft covered


50+ integrations


Fresenius Medical Care saves $6M annually with VergeSense

Fresenius Medical Care, a global medical company, was faced with low usage in one of their main locations. The Occupancy Intelligence Platform accurately uncovered that the average usage of their headquarters was consistently hovering at just 20%. This gave them the confidence to make a fact-based right-sizing decision that saved them millions on their lease.


Cyber security company saves $1.5M in buildout costs by applying occupancy intelligence to their space design process

A publicly-traded global cybersecurity company was in the middle of building out new conference rooms and wanted to be sure that their designs suited the style of the teams who would be using them.  By relying on people count, active occupancy, and passive occupancy data from VergeSense, they made a discovery that allowed them to change course and save $1.5M in buildout costs.


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Global bank leverages occupancy intelligence to save $2M annually by automating cleaning workflows

A global financial institution with 83k employees knew they were overspending on cleaning costs and were looking for ways to be more efficient, while also meeting their ESG goals.  They integrated VergeSense with their CAFM and switched to use-based cleaning - automating critical cleaning routines based on which spaces were recently occupied.  This allowed them to reduce the annual cost of cleaning by 50% ($2M a year) and reduce their cleaning frequency by 33%.


Fortune 500 CPG enterprise leverages occupancy intelligence to save €625K

A globally-recognized CPG company with over 30K employees was struggling to plan for new office buildouts in Europe.  VergeSense uncovered that conference rooms in their US offices were used less than 30% of the time and that usage was typically by a single person.  They applied these space planning insights globally and saved €625K by reducing the number of conference rooms and the total amount of square footage required in their office buildout in Europe. 


Global consulting firm saves $50k per month through occupancy intelligence integration

A global management consulting firm struggled with low employee satisfaction because their meeting rooms were consistently booked and then abandoned.  With VergeSense, they discovered this was happening with 40% of their meetings - so they integrated with TEEM and Outlook to automatically release unused bookings and recognize passively utilized spaces.  This freed up the equivalent of $50k per month of unused real estate and immediately impacted team satisfaction in the office.


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