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Portfolio Optimization

Optimize your portfolio with precision

Occupancy Intelligence for Portfolio Optimization allows real estate leaders to reduce costs by correctly sizing for where they need more office space and where they need less.  

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Capture What's happening

Accurate people count

Gain a true understanding of people count across each building, office, and floor over time. Our entryway sensors leverage computer vision to anonymously capture the shapes of human beings entering and exiting spaces with 95% accuracy.

AI-powered analysis

True understanding of your portfolio

VergeSense AI continuously analyzes your data to generate a true understanding of people count at scale. Leverage insights around total occupancy, people count distribution, percentage of time across the portfolio, occupancy by day of week, and more.  

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“Using VergeSense we were able to exponentially increase our understanding of how our portfolio was being used by employees. That helped us uncover cost savings.”

Senior Director, Real Estate Portfolio

High-Fidelity Occupancy Data

The same cost as badge & wifi and 2x more accurate

Portfolio Optimization for Occupancy Intelligence is the same cost as badge & WiFi, but provides data that’s twice as accurate. Occupancy intelligence means you have real people count data so you can optimize with confidence. 

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Make decisions with precision

Right-size your portfolio with confidence

By combining occupancy intelligence with leasing, spend, and department data within your IWMS, you’ll have a true understanding and all of the facts you need to make the decisions that drive portfolio ROI.

Your CFO will thank you for it.  

Enterprise-grade security & privacy

Anonymous and secure

VergeSense entryway sensors only capture the anonymous shapes of people passing through ingress and egress points. With E.L.S. optical technology, enterprise-grade SOC 2 Type II & ISO 27001 certifications and GDPR compliance your team’s privacy is never compromised and your data is always safe. 


Installation and deployment in under 90 days

You shouldn’t have to wait to get a true understanding of how your buildings, offices, and floors are performing. You’ll be up and running in under 90 days because we’ve gotten our installation and deployment processes down to a science - we’ll get you started fast.