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Effective space design begins with data

Occupancy Intelligence for Space Optimization gives you the granular space performance insights you've been craving so you can design spaces that foster collaboration, innovation, and engagement.

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Beautiful spaces deserve more

The old tools weren’t built for space design

PIR sensors are a facilities nightmare and confuse objects for people. The Occupancy Intelligence Platform works in any space because it's wired and wireless, so when you need a true understanding of people count, active occupancy, and passive occupancy to analyze space performance - you're covered.

true understanding

Passive occupancy accounts for 50% of all space use

Occupancy Intelligence for Space Optimization is the only solution on the market that can capture and analyze passive occupancy.  When someone leaves a jacket, bag, or laptop at a desk and works in a collaborative space all day, you’ll understand how to adapt your space design to accommodate this common situation.

Customer story

Fortune 100 tech company leverages occupancy intelligence to save $400K

A global technology company with 120K employees wanted to understand if changing the size of their workstations could have an impact on employee usage as well as cost-efficiency of their designs. Through a true understanding of their spaces, they saved $400k by uncovering one incredible insight.

Your art, our science

Design the spaces your team adores

The Occupancy Intelligence for Space Optimization solution provides granular insights that reveal how each space type performs: peak and average usage, popularity, time-scale, and more.  With occupancy intelligence at your fingertips, you'll design spaces that increase productivity, collaboration, and inspires your team to spend more time in the office.


Optimize your space design with occupancy intelligence

A lack of hard data to validate or disprove new space requests combined with inconsistent occupancy makes creating a well-balanced portfolio a challenge.  Occupancy Intelligence unlocks the answers.