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Occupancy Intelligence Resources


VergeSense is now supercharged with ChatGPT

The VergeSense Occupancy Intelligence Platform is the first and only solution that puts the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in your hands so you can make real estate and workplace...

June 9th, 20232 min read

VergeSense Introduces The First And Only Occupancy Intelligence Platform

March 6th, 20235 min read

VergeSense Registers Another Historic Year of Growth and Market Expansion

January 10th, 20233 min read


VergeSense Expands Executive Leadership Amidst Rapid Growth

November 2nd, 20222 min read


VergeSense Occupancy Intelligence Platform wins ‘Real Estate Platform of The Year’ by Proptech Breakthrough Awards

August 18th, 20222 min read


VergeSense Earns ISO27001 Information Security Certification

July 28th, 20222 min read


VergeSense Enters 2022 as Occupancy Intelligence Market Leader after 356% Growth

January 27th, 20222 min read

How VR and AR are Transforming Virtual Meetings

January 25th, 20226 min read


VergeSense Raises $60M in Series C Funding to Raise the Power of the Square Foot | VergeSense

November 9th, 20214 min read

Office utilization has increased 135% since the start of the pandemic [New Report] | VergeSense

October 19th, 20214 min read


VergeSense Accelerates into Third Quarter with 400% YoY Growth

September 8th, 20213 min read

Considering Subleasing Unused Office Space? Start Here | VergeSense

August 5th, 20217 min read

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VergeSense Passive Occupancy Helps Companies Prepare for the Hybrid Workplace

June 30th, 20214 min read

Resource - Let's Talk About Change Management | VergeSense

April 26th, 20215 min read

Resource - Why Partnering with HR on Workplace Transformation is More Important than Ever | VergeSense

April 13th, 20213 min read

Resource - How JLL, Corporate Real Estate Leader, Creates Dynamic Workplaces Using Data | VergeSense

March 24th, 20215 min read

Resource - How to Implement Change Management in Your Return to the Office | VergeSense

January 21st, 20214 min read

VergeSense Closes $12M Series B Investment as Companies Prepare to Return to the Office in 2021 | VergeSense

December 22nd, 20203 min read

Resource - How Data Science is Transforming the Way We Utilize the Workplace | VergeSense

August 26th, 20207 min read

How Employees Social Distance in Asia vs. North America: Do Masks Play a Role?

July 29th, 20205 min read