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Spatial Intelligence Blog

How to Improve Collaboration in the Workplace

Collaboration is an essential part of the modern workplace. It inspires creative ideas, supercharges  productivity, and stimulates brainstorming sessions.

February 2nd, 20235 min read

Do I Need Sensors If Occupancy Is Low?

January 23rd, 20234 min read

A Look Back: 2022 Global Workplace Trends

January 17th, 20235 min read

2023 Predictions: Inconsistent Occupancy Will Change Portfolio Evaluation

January 17th, 20234 min read

2023 Predictions: Badge Data Will No Longer Be Sufficient

January 17th, 20233 min read

2023 Predictions: Space Optimization In Prime Assets Will Skyrocket

January 17th, 20233 min read

2023 Predictions: Frictionless Experiences Will Be Key To RTO Success

January 17th, 20233 min read

2023 Predictions: Flexible Spaces Will Become The New Norm

January 17th, 20233 min read

Badge Data Vs. Optical Sensors— Which Does my Workplace Need?

January 11th, 20237 min read

VergeSense Registers Another Historic Year of Growth and Market Expansion

January 10th, 20232 min read

What is the VergeSense Installation Process?

January 4th, 20232 min read

The 8 Best Designed Offices of 2022

January 3rd, 20239 min read

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What is the Difference Between a Webhook and an API?

December 23rd, 20222 min read

How Do APIs Promote Workplace Efficiency?

December 23rd, 20223 min read

The Guide to Occupancy Sensors for Your Workplace

December 12th, 20229 min read

Workplace Design Best Practices

December 8th, 20225 min read

VergeSense Partnership with iOFFICE by Eptura Enables Organizations to Easily Make Data-Driven Decisions

December 5th, 20222 min read

Will Optical Sensors Violate My Company's Privacy Policy?

December 1st, 20224 min read

How to Experiment in the VergeSense Spatial Intelligence Platform

November 21st, 20221 min read

VergeSense Experiments Enable Organizations to Understand Occupancy, Utilization, and Employee Trends

November 21st, 20222 min read