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What is occupancy intelligence?

Occupancy intelligence is how workplace, real estate, and facilities teams gain a true understanding of how and when their portfolio and spaces are actually used so they don’t have to compromise between reducing cost and improving employee experience in a world where occupancy is increasingly dynamic.

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Occupancy has become inconsistent and unpredictable and as a result, optimizing for real estate cost and employee experience has never been harder.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the industry has continued to rely on the same practices that worked when occupancy was consistent - with declining results.  With hybrid work here to stay, CFOs requiring ROI on every dollar spent, and employees expecting a commute-worthy office experience, this new world requires a new approach to gaining a true understanding of what’s actually happening in our spaces so we can optimize with confidence.  Occupancy Intelligence is how we unlock that true understanding.  With Occupancy Intelligence, leaders can finally end the compromise between reducing cost and improving experience.

Shift from making recommendations based on a half-understanding of what’s happening to embracing decisions based on accurate data.


Goodbye assumptions,

hello intelligence.

Occupancy intelligence unlocks a true understanding

People count and active occupancy is only half the picture.  The other 50% is made up of passive occupancy, which is when common objects are occupying your spaces, indicating that they’re being used - just not by a human being.   

To make the critical decisions around portfolio and space optimization, you must have a true understanding.


The four pillars of occupancy intelligence

The shift to occupancy intelligence sets a new standard for how you make decisions. 

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Your world has changed

As occupancy remains inconsistent and unpredictable, the old tools just won’t work because they weren’t built for occupancy intelligence. 

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Occupancy intelligence generates ROI across every use case

The occupancy intelligence framework

This two-step framework is simple in practice and critically important to master in a world where occupancy continues to be inconsistent: 


Anonymously and accurately capture people count, occupancy, and objects in your portfolio and spaces.

People count: the number of people in a space.

Active occupancy: the state of a space when it’s occupied by a person.

Passive occupancy: the state of a space when there are indications of use— such as a laptop, jacket, or bag— but without a person present at that moment.



Leverage AI to generate actionable insights in order to make critical decisions that reduce cost and improve experience across your portfolio and spaces. 

Which buildings and spaces are most frequently occupied compared to others?

Which space types and space groups are the most or least popular among employees?

Which floors or workstations receive the most attendance on specific days of the week? 

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Armed with a true understanding, you're ready to tackle the most important use cases in driving down cost and improving employee experience.

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Your world with occupancy intelligence

With access to accurate, anonymous data and AI, you can gain a true understanding into how your spaces are actually used.