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✨ Meet the AI-powered Workplace Assistant from VergeSense, with enterprise-grade security and privacy ✨

Space optimization

Create incredible spaces optimized for cost and experience

Occupancy Intelligence for Space Optimization allows workplace and facilities leaders to increase the ROI of their spaces through more effective planning, design, cleaning, and availability -  powered by real-time occupancy data and granular insights. 

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Accurate and anonymous

Capture activity across every space in your office

Area sensors accurately and anonymously capture how and when your team actively occupies each and every workspace.  Equipped with the most accurate sensors in the industry, you'll never have to play guessing games about where your team spends their time.

AI-powered space analysis

True understanding of every space

VergeSense AI continuously analyzes the data captured from our sensors combined with 3rd party data from your workplace applications to give you a true understanding of people count, active occupancy, and passive occupancy across every space so you can optimize every space with precision.


“Employees are our customers and we value our employees most. When employees are happy, they work harder and we gain more profitability”

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Planning Specialist

A true understanding

The only solution that understands passive occupancy

Occupancy Intelligence for Space Optimization is the first and only solution that captures and identifies laptops, bags, and jackets left behind by humans, which accounts for 50% of all occupancy. Powered by computer vision and VergeSense AI, you’ll finally understand the missing context behind how your spaces are being used. 

ROI across every space

Get the most out of every square foot

Leverage space type insights broken down by peak & average occupancy, usage, popularity, and time-scale usage aggregated across your offices, buildings, and floors.  Occupancy intelligence allows you to create ROI everywhere:

Space Planning

Reduce cost and wasted space by leveraging accurate data to plan your spaces more efficiently.

Space Design

Improve space usage by leveraging space type insights to design spaces that your team will actually use.

Space Cleaning

Decrease cleaning costs by only cleaning spaces that have been occupied through automated cleaning workflows.

Space Availability

Decrease space booking friction by integrating real-time occupancy data with your space booking applications. 

Flexible deployment

Wired and wireless options for any space

Whether it’s a conference room, a collaborative space, an open area, or a space type unique to your design choices - VergeSense area sensors can be deployed in any space type because they’re available in both wired or wireless options. You’ll be up and running in under 90 days.  

Enterprise-grade security & privacy

Only capture what’s happening, not who’s there

VergeSense only captures the anonymous shapes of the people and objects occupying your spaces - never faces, words, or any PII.  With E.L.S. optical technology, enterprise-grade SOC 2 Type II & ISO 27001 certifications and GDPR compliance your team’s privacy is never compromised and your data is always safe.