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Great decisions require great data

VergeSense provides the most accurate and granular occupancy and utilization data so you can confidently adapt your workplaces to save money and improve employee experience.

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Why 160+ global enterprises trust VergeSense

Create spaces that delight your CFO and your employees.

You shouldn't have to make guesstimates. With the VergeSense Spatial Intelligence Platform, you will fully understand how your spaces are actually being used, so you can optimize your workspaces to reduce costs and improve employee experience with confidence.


Know how much space you need, and where


Set seating ratios and space allocations


Design spaces that get used. A lot.


Heat, cool, and clean only when you need to


Optimize employee experiences in real-time

You shouldn’t have to compromise

Continuously optimize for experience and cost

The workplace is undergoing a complete transformation. You need confidence and clarity in order to continuously optimize your spaces for experience, cost, and sustainability. Spatial intelligence can provide you with the full understanding of your physical space and how people are using it in real time. This data can be consumed through the VergeSense platform, our partners’ solutions, or your own internal data infrastructure.


Trusted by fiscally savvy companies who put employees first

Innovative companies around the world trust the VergeSense Spatial Intelligence Platform to continuously optimize their workplaces for experience and cost.

How to know if VergeSense is the right solution for you

Follow these three steps to learn if VergeSense is the right solution for you. We’re here to help you gain the clarity you need to optimize your workplace.

Why 130+ Global Enterprises Trust Vergesense

"Using VergeSense, we were able to exponentially increase the understanding of how our portfolio was being used by employees. That helped us uncover cost savings." 

"Employees are our customers and we value our employees most. When employees are happy, they work harder and we gain more profitability."

"We are on a mission to completely digitize the real estate management experience. VergeSense is at the center of that digital transformation."


Low employee attendance holding you back? Experiments can help.

With low employee attendance, it's an uphill battle to get the investment and executive support you need.

Learn how experimentation can produce levels of certainty at a small scale, and use that to get buy-in for large, transformational investments.


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