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Get the most out of every square foot

Occupancy Intelligence for neighborhood planning allows you to plan space configurations and seating ratios that keep your employees productive, collaborative, and inspired to come into the office.

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Plan based on demand

Don’t use hiring plans to plan your spaces

When occupancy is inconsistent, using capacity forecasts and hiring plans to fuel your space planning decisions leads to wasteful use of space. Increase employee satisfaction by using occupancy intelligence to uncover which spaces your team actually uses so you can adjust your plans accordingly.

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See the entire picture

Apply workplace insights to your floorplans

With Occupancy Intelligence for neighborhood planning, understand the optimal layouts for every office with heatmaps powered by real-time data.  With a true understanding of how each neighborhood and space type performs over time, you'll have all the facts you need to adjust your floorplans with confidence. 

Customer story

Fortune 500 CPG enterprise leverages occupancy intelligence to save €625,000

A globally-recognized CPG company with over 30K employees was struggling to plan for new office buildouts in Europe.  By understanding passive and active occupancy, they took a new approach to space planning and saved €625,000.

True Understanding

Understand space type distribution

Occupancy Intelligence for neighborhood planning gives you a true understanding of which spaces are the most popular, which are underutilized, and when they’re most commonly used so you can confidently adjust space types and seating ratios.


Optimize your neighborhood planning with occupancy intelligence

A lack of hard data to validate or disprove new space requests combined with inconsistent occupancy makes creating a well-balanced portfolio a challenge.  Occupancy Intelligence unlocks the answers.