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Announcements | Events

VergeSense Unveils Exclusive Event Series: VergeSense Connect

VergeSense Connect is a series of in-person events bringing together local real estate, and workplace professionals from around the world to network, share knowledge, and...

May 14th, 20242 min read

Announcements | Space Availability

VergeSense+Microsoft Places Integration: Enhanced Tools for Optimizing the Workplace

May 13th, 20244 min read

Portfolio Evaluation

Maximizing Efficiency: Evaluating Office Spaces for Lease Renewals

May 10th, 20245 min read

Product | AI

Meet Workplace Assistant

May 8th, 20242 min read

Space Availability | Intelligent Space Design

You’ve Identified Space Shortages, Now What? Strategies to Address Office Space Constraints

May 2nd, 20246 min read

Intelligent Space Design

Identifying the Most Popular Spaces in Your Office: Unveiling Workplace Dynamics

April 22nd, 20245 min read

Space Availability

Uncovering Space Shortages: Metrics for your Workplace Strategy

April 16th, 20245 min read

Space Availability

Space Availability 101: Space Shortages

April 8th, 20245 min read

Space Availability | Neighborhood Planning

Am I Running Out of Space? Identifying Space Shortages

April 1st, 20246 min read

Space Availability | Neighborhood Planning | Portfolio Evaluation

Beyond the Return: Future-Proofing Workspaces

March 26th, 202410 min read

Neighborhood Planning with Occupancy Data

March 25th, 20245 min read

AI and the Workplace: Make Better Decisions Faster

February 15th, 20243 min read

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Space Availability | Intelligent Space Design

How to Use Data to Improve Employee Experience and Increase Productivity: Lessons from VergeSense Customers

February 7th, 20245 min read

Space Availability | Intelligent Space Design | Product

Introducing the Space Usage Timeline: Optimize with Precision

January 22nd, 20242 min read

Space Availability

Do I Need More Small Meeting Rooms? How to Find Your Answer

January 17th, 20244 min read

Space Availability

4 Solutions for Meeting Room Squatting

December 21st, 20235 min read

Space Availability | Portfolio Evaluation

Banishing Ghost Meetings: Maximizing Efficiency and Employee Experience in the Modern Workplace

December 11th, 20235 min read

How Pharmaceutical & Life Science Companies Optimize their Spaces with VergeSense

September 21st, 20238 min read

Space Availability | Dynamic Operations | Intelligent Space Design

How Can I Use Data to Make my Workplace More Sustainable?

July 12th, 20236 min read

Portfolio Evaluation | Dynamic Operations

How Can I Make My CRE Portfolio More ESG-Friendly?

July 6th, 20235 min read