AI-Powered Building Management

Obtain unprecedented insights about the as-built environment using our continuously-learning intelligent sensor platform.

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Beyond Dashboards - Actionable Insights

Data-for-data’s sake is never enough. VergeSense goes beyond - our AI-powered sensors uncover opportunities to take action.

Discover Savings

Automatically uncover opportunities for reallocating underutilized space to achieve target utilization KPIs

Manage Workspaces

People-counting data seamlessly integrates with existing space-management and booking systems to manage rooms and desks on-the-fly

Empower Teams

Ensure teams never waste time looking for an empty conference room again. Drive collaboration, productivity and satisfaction for your entire company

Deep Learning Sensor

Each sensor creates a sphere of intelligence and the more data they collect, the smarter they get. As more powerful machine-learning modules become available, sensors automatically learn to detect new types of events.

What are the Applications?

An expanding suite of applications is ready to meet the needs of your building

People Counting

Obtain a real-time & historical count of the number of occupants in your space. Seamlessly integrate with existing space-planning & workspace software solutions

Room & Desk Utilization

Measure utilization rates across your facility - from conference rooms, to private offices, to co-working areas. Our sensors are accurate to the desk-level

Hoteling & Hot-Desking

Identify open desks and dynamically assign staff members to their desk. Drive workspace efficiency decisions with data

Safety & Emergency

Obtain the exact count of every person in the building during an emergency event. Measure whether individuals are sitting, standing, or if they’ve fallen down

How Does it Work?

Sensors operate 100% wirelessly and can be installed in minutes. No IT integration required. It couldn’t be simpler.


Multiple-sensory inputs are fused together to detect events (People Count, Desk Touchdown, Queue Size, Equipment Usage)


Tagged Events are transmitted wirelessly over WiFi or Cellular. No raw sensory data ever leaves your building

Cloud API

Event data can be streamed through the VergeSense Open API into other systems to, for example, free up a conference room when no-one actually shows up


Over-time, aggregated data is used to recommend improvements - space reallocations, efficiency opportunities, and preventative maintenance dispatches

AI-Powered Workspaces

Powerful, distributed sensors are adding a texture of intelligence to the surface of our world.

What does it look like?

Hardware Specs

Our devices offer a unique combination of power and flexibility. Suitable for both temporary deployments or permanent installations


BLE, WiFi, PoE, cellular (optional)


DC/ AC (with adapter cable), PoE, battery (optional - up to 3 yr battery life)


Wall-Mounting (Bracket or Adhesive), Ceiling Mount (Bracket or Plate)


People Count, Desk Utilization, Heatmapping, Sitting vs. Standing

On-Board Sensors

PIR Motion Sensing, optical, acoustic, temperature, ambient-light

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