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Reduce cost and improve experience with occupancy intelligence

Our Occupancy Intelligence Platform delivers the most accurate and comprehensive occupancy insights so you can confidently make big CRE decisions that unlock big ROI.

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Problems we solve

Goodbye assumptions, hello intelligence

The stakes for optimizing your portfolio and spaces have never been higher - drive the most ROI by using occupancy intelligence to drive every decision. 

What our customers are saying

"Available capacity isn’t just workstations without names on them.  With VergeSense, we’re able to see what is actually being used and make better decisions with our spaces."

The world's first and only

Occupancy Intelligence Platform

One unified platform designed to give you a true understanding of how your portfolio and spaces are actually used.  Each solution is built upon the world's most advanced occupancy sensors, powered by computer vision and VergeSense AI.


Occupancy Intelligence Platform

One platform powered by Computer Vision, VergeSense Ai, and the world's most advanced occupancy sensers

our partners

Recommended by the most innovative CRE and proptech partners


Supercharge your workplace applications with occupancy intelligence

Integrate occupancy intelligence across every workplace application and use a single view to reduce costs, improve space usage, and automate critical workflows. 


Increase the ROI of your workplace

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Schedule a personalized demo with VergeSense and learn how the Occupancy Intelligence Platform can help your workplace, real estate, and facilities operations teams strike the perfect balance between cost and experience.