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Solve your key use cases with spatial intelligence


Space Design

Risk of incorrect and costly space design decisions is high.

It's essential that you deliver delightful and productive experiences for employees. Learn how to ideate, experiment, and validate space designs to ensure the office is cost-optimized and sustainable. 

>> How to design the best huddle room for your workplace

>> How to design workplaces for employee retention

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Portfolio right-sizing

Right-size your workplace to save millions of dollars of real estate.

Are you overspending on real estate? With today's lower occupancy, it's more crucial than ever to calculate your cost per occupant to understand how much space you need as you grow. Here are top resources.

>> Guide to right-sizing office space in a hybrid work world

>> The true cost of wasted space



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Facilities operations

Clean, cool, and heat on when and where you need.

It's your job to ensure core facilities operations, including housekeeping, custodial, building engineering and management, physical security, and food service, are running smoothly 24x7. These resources can help. 

>> How to conduct an audit for building management efficiency

>> The 5 facility management tools you need today

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Employee experience

Deliver workplace experiences that maximize employee collaboration and productivity

Empower employees to work more efficiently and find the amenities, spaces, and resources they need. The more frictionless the workplace, the more impactful the experience that helps attract employees back. Learn more.

4 ways to optimize the employee workplace experience


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Space planning

Avoid low employee satisfaction due to insufficient space availability.

Respond to space requests and headcount growth with data driven plans around space allocation, re-stacking, seating ratio calculations, and predicting space needs. Learn more.

>> How to calculate your ideal employee-to-seat ratio

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How to know if VergeSense is the right solution for you

Follow these three steps to learn if VergeSense is the right solution for you. We’re here to help you gain the clarity you need to optimize your workplace.

Why global enterprise companies value VergeSense

"Using VergeSense, we were able to exponentially increase the understanding of how our portfolio was being used by employees. That helped us uncover cost savings."

"Employees are our customers and we value our employees most. When employees are happy, they work harder and we gain more profitability."

"We are on a mission to completely digitize the real estate management experience. VergeSense is at the center of that digital transformation."

Get a personalized demo

Get a personal guided tour with one of our experts and see how our solutions help create workplaces where people can thrive.

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