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Case Study | Portfolio Evaluation & Space Design


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Fishbeck is a premier consulting firm offering engineering, environmental sciences, architecture, and construction management services. With over 60 years of experience, they provide innovative, sustainable solutions for public and private clients, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective projects.



Evaluate the usage of assigned spaces to drive real estate cost savings, enhance workplace policies, and adapt design standards.



Occupancy intelligence enabled Fishbeck to evolve their workplace strategy to support employee preferences and future vision.


Fishbeck wanted to identify opportunities to optimize real estate spend and align workplace strategy with employee working preferences. Before they rolled out large-scale changes across other buildings, they wanted to understand the impact of potential changes on occupancy trends, employee experience, and costs in their Novi offices.



By employing VergeSense at their Novi offices, Fishbeck gathered actionable insights on how office spaces were actually being used. This data became the cornerstone of their strategy to rationalize their real estate footprint and to adapt their workplace strategy to align with their vision by:

  • Cross-functional collab

    Encouraging cross-functional collaboration by consolidating offices. 

  • Workplace design expertist

    Showcasing their workplace design expertise to clients as a model of efficiency and innovation.

  • Discussions on space

    Initiating discussions on new space applications, amenities, and flexible work policies.

  • Reduce footprint

    Identifying opportunities to reduce footprint, avoid expansion, and save costs ($500K savings identified.)


Occupancy intelligence delivers powerful insights to Fishbeck so they can understand the true capacity of their offices to find ways to support more employees without impacting experience. It also allows them to transform their workplace strategy to support employees, attract and retain talent, and achieve their future workplace goals.


From the Customer

"Cultivating a workplace environment that optimizes space use isn't just about maximizing our footprint; it's about creating an ecosystem that inspires collaboration, innovation, and brings our teams together to do great work"

VergeSense Features

With VergeSense, Fishbeck was able to understand key trends across their Novi location such as: 


Empowering Your Workplace with Confidence

No matter the challenge, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our dedicated team ensures you have not only your workplace data but also the latest industry trends and global insights. With us by your side, you can make informed and confident decisions to enhance your workplace experience.