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OIS Cover – 1-min

On January 16th, VergeSense hosted its second Occupancy Intelligence Summit where workplace experts and industry leaders came together to share their experiences creating and optimizing data-driven workplaces. They discussed challenges and topics like:


Ensuring bookable spaces area always available


Adapting space designs to increase productivity and satisfaction


Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in commercial real estate (CRE)

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Session #1

How to Ensure Bookable Spaces are Always Available

Ensuring that employees can work comfortably and at their most productive levels has become a top priority for workplace teams - yet most organizations still struggle to systematically enable their employees to always find an available place to work. 

A data-driven approach to workplace strategy can make all the difference. VergeSense’s new Space Usage Timeline allows you to easily identify availability trends and shortage events, so you can optimize with precision.


Sort and Analyze Data

Pinpoint the specific times, locations, and space types where breaking points occur


Compare and Contrast Space Usage

Compare space types, floors, and buildings side by side


Make Better Decisions

Finally design spaces, plan neighborhoods, and ensure spaces are always available with data

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Session #2

Adapting Space Designs to Increase Productivity & Satisfaction

Many workplace leaders struggle to find the right balance between supply and demand of space types and ensuring the space characteristics and amenities fit their employees needs and usage patterns. 

Design experimentation and data-driven redesign projects can drive higher usage and improve employee satisfaction. Tracking occupancy data and using sensors can help ensure you truly understand how the office is being used.


Gain Buy-In from Executives

Use to data to prove why a redesign should be top priority


Find the Right Balance of Space Types

Make sure you have enough private spaces vs. collaborative spaces


Conduct Design Experiments

Test new space types and designs to see what fits best

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New Feature

Understand How Your Spaces are Being Used

The VergeSense Space Usage Timeline analyzes the active time usage of all of your spaces, offices, and buildings down to the hour, so you can easily identify availability trends, shortage events, and make better decisions with data.


Session #3

Artificial Intelligence for CRE Leaders

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the workplace. It’s amplifying and accelerating the decision making process for CRE and workplace teams and shaping the future of design.

Having the ability to merge qualitative and quantitative data in ChatGPT removes a step in the process, so workplace leaders and designers can make decisions more efficiently and effectively. As for us, we’ve always been ahead of the game.


Strategic Decision Making

Easily combine qualitative and quantitative data so you can make better decisions


Efficient Workplace Design

Design efficient and effective workplaces based on feedback from employees


Predictive Maintenance and Operational Efficiency

Predict maintenance needs and optimize building operations for sustainability


Meet the Speakers

Nireas Koletsos

IoT Specialist in Digital Customer Experience & Mobility

Diane Wu

Workplace Technology & Data Manager
Gilead Sciences

Kevin Sauer

Global Workplace Advisor

Brad Golden

Workplace Insights Lead

Kelby Green

CTO / Co-Founder

Dan Ryan

CEO / Co-Founder

Tim Busa

Director of Product Marketing

What Attendees are Saying

“Diane's example of how to get executive buy-in was very insightful and I'll be taking pointers for my upcoming project.”

“The industry has been overly indexed on in-person events and panels, the fact that the summit is virtual makes attendance a breeze and really helps more workplace leaders learn from each other.”

“This is the first summit I've first I thought it was going to be a lot of product pushing, but 5 mins in I realized it was completely different. Lots of great knowledge, where do I sign up for the next one?”