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The Space Usage Timeline. Optimize with Precision.

Finally, design spaces, plan neighborhoods, and ensure space is always available with real usage data. View, analyze, and compare the usage and availability of all of your spaces in one place with the Space Usage Timeline.


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Space Availability Trends and Shortages At a Glance

Make sure your teams never run out of space to work: whenever 80% of your spaces are being used at once, you’ll know an availability shortage is near. 


Busy Office, Simplified Data

Get Your Space Shortages Sorted Out

The Space Usage Timeline allows you to uncover “office breaking points,” or specific times of peak usage and shortage. Analyze data across any time horizon all the way down to the hour and filter by building, floor, and space type. 

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Spot the Differences and Similarities

Compare Usage and Availability

Compare space types, floors, and buildings side by side and easily pinpoint space types that are in high demand, but short supply, so you can make redesign decisions that meet your team's needs and expectations.


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