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VergeSense is now supercharged with ChatGPT

Making big CRE decisions is hard. VergeSense x ChatGPT makes it easy by acting as your personal data analyst, trained to deliver the actionable insights you need to optimize your portfolio and spaces.

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Decisions, decisions

You ask, VergeSense answers

The brains behind the Occupancy Intelligence Platform just got smarter. ChatGPT is now incorporated into VergeSense AI to generate insights about your portfolio and spaces in seconds. Whether you need to understand how your spaces are performing or need insights to inform your most important decisions, all you need to do is ask. 

decision making assistant

Trained by VergeSense and tuned to your portfolio

No matter how unique your portfolio is, VergeSense x ChatGPT can turn your occupancy data into actionable insights. VergeSense is constantly being pressure tested by real situations and questions asked by 200 global enterprises representing over 75M square feet of office space - so you'll always have a true understanding of how your spaces are actually being used.


Goodbye assumptions, hello intelligence

When it's time to make critical decisions to improve employee experience and make the most of your CRE budget, use the power of occupancy intelligence to optimize with confidence.

The need for speed

The fastest way to make data-driven decisions, ever

It's never been faster and easier to get the data you need to support your workplace optimization business case. With the power of the VergeSense AI model and ChatGPT's natural language interface, the days of time-consuming data analysis are over.  


Your Questions, Answered

What is VergeSense x ChatGPT?

What can I do with it?

Is the feature private and secure?

What's coming next?

See VergeSense x ChatGPT in action

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