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Why Workplace Analytics Platforms Will Be the Most Impactful Investment | VergeSense

March 9th, 20216 min read

How to Use Meeting Analytics to Optimize Space and Improve Productivity  | VergeSense

March 3rd, 20214 min read

Office Occupancy Data and Returning to the Workplace | VergeSense

February 24th, 20216 min read

Resource - How to Create Purpose-Driven Workplaces | VergeSense

February 17th, 20217 min read

Resource - 4 Ways Workplace Analytics Platforms Maximize CRE Strategy and Office Reentry | VergeSense

February 10th, 20215 min read

Resource - The VergeSense Return to Work Framework | VergeSense

February 5th, 20215 min read

Resource - Introducing Destination Workplace, A New Video Spotlight Series | VergeSense

January 27th, 20211 min read

Resource - How to Implement Change Management in Your Return to the Office | VergeSense

January 21st, 20214 min read

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Resource - How to Leverage the Future of Workplace Analytics | VergeSense

January 14th, 20212 min read

Resource - The Future of Work in 2021: Our Top 10 Predictions | VergeSense

January 5th, 20215 min read

VergeSense Closes $12M Series B Investment as Companies Prepare to Return to the Office in 2021 | VergeSense

December 22nd, 20203 min read

Resource - The Growing Demand for Sensor-Powered Smart Offices in Europe | VergeSense

November 6th, 20207 min read

Resource - The Post-COVID Future of Corporate Real Estate Portfolios & Workplace Utilization | VergeSense

September 29th, 20206 min read

Resource - Don’t Call it a Comeback for the Cubicle | VergeSense

September 22nd, 20204 min read

Resource - Considering Unassigned Seating? 4 Ways Occupancy Sensors Can Help | VergeSense

September 17th, 20205 min read

Resource - Fortune 500 Companies Are Turning to Agile Seating for Safe Reentry & A Long Term CRE Strategy | VergeSense

September 17th, 20203 min read

Resource - What To Look For in Your Next Desk Management Solution | VergeSense

September 17th, 20204 min read

Resource - Contrary to popular belief, the office is not dead | VergeSense

September 15th, 20206 min read

Resource - How Data Science is Transforming the Way We Utilize the Workplace | VergeSense

August 26th, 20207 min read

Resource - The New Workplace Normal Shines a Spotlight on Employee Health | VergeSense

August 5th, 20207 min read