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Spatial Intelligence Blog
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Here’s How Life Sciences Workplaces are Changing | VergeSense

March 22nd, 20224 min read

How Leaders at Fortune 500 Companies are Retaining Talent | VergeSense

March 21st, 20226 min read

Designing Workplaces for Employee Retention | VergeSense

March 18th, 20226 min read

Spatial Intelligence is Redefining Business Operations | VergeSense

March 9th, 20225 min read

Labs Use Three Times More Energy Than Offices | VergeSense

March 9th, 20227 min read

The Environmental Benefits of Right-Sizing Your CRE Portfolio | VergeSense

February 25th, 20226 min read

Companies are Preparing for a Spring Return to Office | VergeSense

February 24th, 20225 min read

How Companies are Using Spatial Intelligence to Solve for Employee Experience | VergeSense

February 23rd, 20226 min read

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The 5 Facility Management Tools You Need Today | VergeSense

February 21st, 20226 min read

50% of Your Space Utilization isn’t Being Tracked. Learn Why. 

February 17th, 20225 min read

Employers Need Real-Time Data to Manage Unpredictable Workplace Attendance — Here’s Why | VergeSense

February 14th, 20225 min read

How Building Management is Changing | VergeSense

February 10th, 20226 min read

How Can Companies Use Spatial Intelligence to Guide Workplace Strategy? | VergeSense

February 4th, 20225 min read

What is Digital Twin Technology? | VergeSense

January 31st, 20225 min read


VergeSense Enters 2022 as Spatial Intelligence Market Leader after 356% Growth | VergeSense

January 27th, 20222 min read

Employees’ Use of Space Will Shift Constantly: Here’s How to Implement Data-Driven Office Planning | VergeSense

January 26th, 20226 min read

How VR and AR are Transforming Virtual Meetings | VergeSense

January 25th, 20226 min read

What is Spatial Intelligence? | VergeSense

January 19th, 20226 min read

How to Conduct An Audit for Building Management Efficiency | VergeSense

January 18th, 20224 min read

Sustainable Building Design Checklist | VergeSense

January 14th, 20226 min read