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VergeSense Experiments Enable Organizations to Understand Occupancy, Utilization, and Employee Trends

November 21st, 2022 | 2 min. read

VergeSense Experiments Enable Organizations to Understand Occupancy, Utilization, and Employee Trends


VergeSense is the industry leader in providing enterprises with a true understanding of their occupancy and how their offices are actually being used.

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Innovative VergeSense customers are confidently making decisions to right-size their portfolio and redesign their spaces through data-backed experiments.

VergeSense, the Spatial Intelligence Platform used by over 130 global companies across 36 countries and 100M+ sqft, has launched powerful new capabilities to enable workplace experiments needed to understand occupancy and utilization in order to make crucial portfolio right-sizing and space planning decisions. VergeSense is the only platform on the market that captures both active and passive occupancy, ensuring customers have the most accurate and actionable data available. 

As a widespread struggle with low occupancy persists, executive teams are increasingly looking for data-backed strategies to spend less on their real estate portfolio and redesign spaces to be conducive to productivity and collaboration.

In fact, 52% of executives plan to downsize their real estate footprint while continuing to want more people working in-office. The solution, VergeSense presents, is precise experiments that provide actionable insights into how spaces are being used and occupied so appropriate changes can be made with confidence.

“Experiments are incredibly powerful in the workplace. We work hand-in-hand with our largest customers to power their experiments and give them the ability to make fact-based decisions for how to right-size their portfolios. These experiments are at the foundation of their ability to create a new office environment better suited for the experience their employees expect, all while achieving the financial goals of the organization,” says Matt French, Director of Customer Success & Experience at VergeSense. “Not only do leaders get a true understanding of their workplace trends in a safe environment, but they also are given tools to make powerful decisions that improve their workplace.”

The VergeSense platform hosts a variety of tools to help their customers experiment, as well as an abundance of free resources to help new experimenters get started. 

VergeSense offers several features to power your most important experiments, including:

  • Occupancy and space utilization data, accessible via open API.
  • Insight Dashboards to answer common workplace questions and evaluate experiment performance with no time-consuming data analysis needed.
  • Underutilized Map highlights spaces that are not used to their fullest potential so you know areas you can start experimenting in.
  • Heat Map displays occupancy trends visually so overutilized and underutilized spaces can be seen at a glance, providing insight into areas that need attention.
  • Space Groups give workplace leaders precise and accurate data for specified areas so you have control over their experiments and the data that comes from it, no matter how big or small.

To learn more about experimentation, visit the VergeSense Experiments Resource Library