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Make workplace decisions with confidence.

VergeSense experiments enable organizations to understand occupancy, utilization, and employee trends so they can make confident, innovative decisions about portfolio right-sizing and space redesign.

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What are workplace experiments?

Experiments, also known as proofs of concept, are a calculated, low-risk, high-reward way to test changes in your workplace, like downsizing your portfolio or implementing new space designs. You can start as small as a room, as large as a portion of your portfolio, or any size in between.


The benefits of experimentation

Optimize portfolio right-sizing efforts with occupancy and utilization data

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Garner organizational buy-in with data-backed findings

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Determine internal benchmark data and KPIs

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Encourage return-to-office with engaging and collaborative space redesigns

Get started with VergeSense experiments.

The VergeSense platform offers various tools to support experimentation, so you can begin optimizing your workplace with data backing your decisions along the way.

Insight Dashboards answer occupancy and utilization questions and evaluate experiment performance with no time-consuming data analysis needed.

Underutilized and Heatmap Views highlight areas with low utilization to begin experimenting in.

Space Groups allow you to maintain control over how spaces are defined, grouped, and evaluated.


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