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Re-Opening the Office: 4 Recommendations for Safe Social Distancing

June 25th, 20207 min read

Back to the Office: A Sensor & Proptech Buyer’s Guide

June 11th, 20207 min read

The VergeSense COVID-19 Toolkit: 5 Ways to Ensure a Safe Office Re-entry

April 29th, 20205 min read

Proptech CEOs and 400+ CRE Executives Discuss the Post COVID-19 Workplace

April 22nd, 20207 min read

Employee Office Use Drops 80% Below Historical Averages with COVID-19

March 23rd, 20202 min read

COVID-19 Created Social Distancing In Offices Last Week Before Widespread WFH Mandates

March 17th, 20205 min read

2019 Office Utilization and Workspace Engagement Report

December 23rd, 20196 min read

VergeSense Workplace Experience & Office Space Employee Report

August 1st, 20199 min read

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Types of Occupancy Sensors for the Workplace

June 13th, 20198 min read

The Office Was Only 40% Utilized in 2018

January 11th, 20197 min read

Space Availability

Why Are Employees Ghosting Their Conference Rooms?

December 13th, 20187 min read

HVAC Occupancy Sensors: How to Unlock Savings

December 6th, 20184 min read

AI, IoT and Smart Buildings: Moving beyond sensors to actionable insights

November 8th, 20184 min read

Office Space Efficiency: Optimizing the Workplace

November 2nd, 20185 min read