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The Occupancy Intelligence Index

In today's ever-evolving global landscape, the ability to make fast, easy, and confident decisions is key to building a productive and enjoyable employee experience.

As the demands of the modern workforce continue to increase, so does the need for accurate and actionable data to make important decisions. Recognizing this need, the Occupancy Intelligence Index provides an unparalleled collection of occupancy data and benchmarks captured from VergeSense data, the largest and most accurate dataset on the market.

The Occupancy Intelligence Index features data collected from:

Executive Summary

Key Takeaways

Defining the Terms

The Occupancy Intelligence Index utilizes four key terms to give insight into occupancy: capacity and space usage, focus spaces, and collaborative spaces.


Capacity usage highlights how much of your workplace is being used by dividing the capacity of a building or space by how many people are using it.


Time usage provides insight into the frequency and duration of space use. It is calculated by dividing the total time the measured spaces were in use by the total working hours.

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Focus spaces are those that have a capacity of one and are designed for individual work, such as a desk, phone booth, 1-person offices, etc.

Collaboration Spaces_3-min

Collaboration spaces are those that have a capacity greater than one and are designed for multiple people to utilize simultaneously, like conference rooms, whiteboarding spaces, huddle rooms, etc.

Occupancy Data by Region

All Regions

Building-Level Capacity Usage

Space-Level Time Usage

North America


Building-Level Capacity Usage

Space-Level Time Usage



Building-Level Capacity Usage

Space-Level Time Usage



Building-Level Capacity Usage

Space-Level Time Usage

Occupancy Data by Industry

Capacity Usage of All Industries as of April 2023

industry data summary

All Industries

Energy, Oil, Gas

Financial and Professional Services


Industrial and Logistics

Infrastructure and Public Enterprise

Life Sciences

Technology, Media, and Telecommuniations

Make data-driven decisions with confidence

Leveraging data has become increasingly vital as CRE, workplace, and facilities leaders continue to navigate to the new norm of dynamic and flexible workplaces. While benchmarks like these help you understand the overall state of the industry and gauge where your organization stands relative to your region and vertical, data is even more meaningful and actionable when it is about your unique workplace. To explore how you can get started with occupancy intelligence in your workplace, connect with us.

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