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Anticipate workplace needs with data, not guesswork.

Introducing VergeSense next generation wireless sensor.

Without accurate data, it's impossible to project how much real estate you need — especially in today's climate.

Count how many people come to the office. Analyze use of every room, desk, and lounge space in real time. Improve employee experience and your real estate portfolio simultaneously.

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Counts people at every desk and in any type of room.

Has private office use decreased? Will you need more collaboration areas and agile seating? VergeSense can count people across all types of spaces so you get a holistic view of how people are using the entire office.




Detects true occupancy, like a human.

If a coat is hanging on the back of a chair, is that desk in use? Yes — however other sensors would say no. VergeSense is the only solution that detects occupancy just like a human, providing the most accurate data across the industry. Align this real-time info with on-demand reservation tools to provide an incredible employee experience.



Installs in seconds,
lasts for years.

Start collecting occupancy data immediately. VergeSense ultra-low power sensors install easily and are designed to last years. No need to wait for your next build out to get the feedback you need to inform workplace strategy and design.



Reach out to our team for a consultation.
We’ll show you the power of an agile workspace.




Runs on a reliable enterprise-grade mesh network.

These next generation sensors run on a self-healing mesh network that collects data reliably and keeps information secure, vastly reducing the complexity of integrating with corporate IT.



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