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How to Overcome Unpredictable Attendance in the Workplace | VergeSense

November 4th, 20217 min read

Why Employees Will Choose Smart Offices in a Post-Pandemic World | VergeSense

November 2nd, 20217 min read

5 Reasons Why Hybrid Teams Need Real-Time Desk Occupancy Monitoring | VergeSense

October 26th, 20218 min read

5 Reports that Guide Workplace Strategy in 2022 | VergeSense

October 21st, 20219 min read

Office utilization has increased 135% since the start of the pandemic [New Report] | VergeSense

October 19th, 20214 min read

Office Space Utilization: How to Increase Efficiency

October 12th, 20217 min read

Why Companies are Investing in Office Sensors | VergeSense

October 7th, 20219 min read

How to Improve Employee Experience Through Workplace Design Strategy | VergeSense

September 30th, 20219 min read

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Why Your Workplace Design Strategy Should be Founded on Data | VergeSense

September 23rd, 20217 min read

How to Leverage a Workplace Analytics Platform to Transform the Employee Office Experience | VergeSense

September 16th, 20217 min read

Considering a Workplace Wellness Strategy? Start Here | VergeSense

September 16th, 20217 min read

A Beginner's Guide to Right-Sizing Your Corporate Real Estate Portfolio | VergeSense

September 9th, 20215 min read


VergeSense Accelerates into Third Quarter with 400% YoY Growth   | VergeSense

September 8th, 20213 min read

How to Make Data-Informed Leasing Decisions | VergeSense

September 1st, 20218 min read

VergeSense’s New Return to Office Analytics Dashboards Provide the Data Leaders Need to Guide Strategic Workplace Decisions | VergeSense

August 27th, 20216 min read

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Companies can Make During the Return to Office (+ How to Avoid Them) | VergeSense

August 26th, 20217 min read

Return to Office Checklist | VergeSense

August 25th, 20219 min read

You Hired Tons of Employees During Shelter-in-Place. Now What? | VergeSense

August 13th, 20216 min read

Considering Subleasing Unused Office Space? Start Here | VergeSense

August 5th, 20217 min read

Top 4 Sensor Myths Debunked | VergeSense

August 5th, 20214 min read