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Wireless IoT Sensors: The Future of Workplace Management | VergeSense

July 1st, 20225 min read

Everything You Need To Know To Manage And Automate Your Spaces Today

June 27th, 20225 min read


VergeSense Introduces Space Booking Automation and Analytics

June 27th, 20223 min read

Common Problems With PIR Sensors in Today’s Workplace

June 15th, 20226 min read

3 Ways Employee Behavior Is Changing—And What This Means for Your Workplace | VergeSense

June 10th, 20225 min read

Want to Drive Workplace ROI? Invest in Data.  | VergeSense

June 10th, 20226 min read

Why the Frictionless Workplace is Key to Reducing Employee Cognitive Load [Comfy Spotlight] | VergeSense

June 1st, 20225 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Workplace Sensors | VergeSense

May 25th, 20229 min read

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Here's What The Future Of Work Looks Like [New Report] | VergeSense

May 24th, 20224 min read

The Cost of Wasted Space | VergeSense

May 23rd, 20227 min read

Here's How the Metaverse Could Redefine the Workplace | VergeSense

May 9th, 20225 min read

4 Ways to Optimize the Employee Workplace Experience | VergeSense

April 22nd, 20226 min read

Calculating Your Ideal Employee-to-Seat Ratio: A Step-by-Step Guide

April 21st, 202210 min read

Here’s How Workplace Attendance is Changing | VergeSense

April 19th, 20225 min read

7 Ways to Promote Equity in the Workplace | VergeSense

April 8th, 20225 min read

Is Your Workplace Right-Sized? | VergeSense

April 7th, 20226 min read

5 Elements of a Successful Workplace | VergeSense

April 7th, 20225 min read

Flexible Work is Here to Stay | VergeSense

March 28th, 20225 min read

Forcing Employees Back to the Office Won't Retain Talent — Here's What Will | VergeSense

March 28th, 20227 min read

How Gen Z is Changing the Workplace | VergeSense

March 23rd, 20229 min read