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VergeSense is the industry leader in providing enterprises with a true understanding of their occupancy and how their offices are actually being used.

A Look Back: 2022 Global Workplace Trends

As we put 2022 behind us, it remains ever-important to look back on the past year and evaluate the significant changes the workplace industry experienced. From an even...

January 17th, 20235 min read

2023 Predictions: Inconsistent Occupancy Will Change Portfolio Evaluation

January 17th, 20234 min read

2023 Predictions: Badge Data Will No Longer Be Sufficient

January 17th, 20233 min read

2023 Predictions: Space Optimization In Prime Assets Will Skyrocket

January 17th, 20233 min read

2023 Predictions: Frictionless Experiences Will Be Key To RTO Success

January 17th, 20233 min read

2023 Predictions: Flexible Spaces Will Become The New Norm

January 17th, 20233 min read

VergeSense Registers Another Historic Year of Growth and Market Expansion

January 10th, 20232 min read

The Guide to Occupancy Sensors for Your Workplace

December 12th, 20229 min read

VergeSense Partnership with iOFFICE by Eptura Enables Organizations to Easily Make Data-Driven Decisions

December 5th, 20222 min read

How to Experiment in the VergeSense Spatial Intelligence Platform

November 21st, 20221 min read

VergeSense Experiments Enable Organizations to Understand Occupancy, Utilization, and Employee Trends

November 21st, 20222 min read

The Secret to Getting C-Suite Buy-in For New Workplace Decisions

November 18th, 20225 min read

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Best Practices for Bringing Employees Back to the Office

November 18th, 20226 min read

Optical Vs. PIR Sensors— Which does my office need?

November 17th, 20228 min read


VergeSense Releases Kiosk Lite to Empower Employees to Find Available Workspaces Powered by Real-Time Occupancy Data

November 9th, 20222 min read

Getting Started with Kiosk Lite: Everything You Need to Know

November 9th, 20222 min read


VergeSense Expands Executive Leadership Amidst Rapid Growth

November 2nd, 20222 min read

5 Experiments That Will Help You Build New Workplace Standards For 2023

October 31st, 202214 min read

How Much Office Space Do You Really Need?

October 3rd, 20227 min read


New Data Shows APAC is Leading the Way With 214% Growth in Workplace Utilization

September 1st, 20227 min read