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Introducing Entryway Sensors: A New VergeSense Solution

April 28th, 2021 | 3 min. read

Introducing Entryway Sensors: A New VergeSense Solution


VergeSense is the industry leader in providing enterprises with a true understanding of their occupancy and how their offices are actually being used.

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At this moment, every employer, every executive is defining next steps and a return to work strategy with limited visibility to what the future holds. Each one of them is anticipating the types of permanent changes COVID-19 will bring to future offices.


Your Most Powerful Tools Today: Data & Technology 


Among this anticipation, there is one constant: return to office is predicated on employee experience with a focus on health & safety. Companies are required to follow guidelines with capacity management, smart deep cleaning, and biometric data collection. With this in mind, executives need to respond with powerful, reliable tools that aid in meeting employee needs while efficiently managing their office space. 

At VergeSense, we have been anticipating the need for data long before COVID with our comprehensive workplace analytics platform. We understand that technology and data are an executive’s most powerful tools to help companies return-to-office with confidence and trust. Data must be captured securely while still flowing freely to enable action and drive results across all levels of an organization. 

The Data your Return to Office Strategy has been Missing 

Today, we proudly announce the addition of Entryway to our solution portfolio. With the addition of Entryway, our Workplace Analytics Platform is the most comprehensive and accurate workplace people-counting solution on the market. 

The VergeSense Workplace Analytics platform is the all-in-one solution to power your return-to-office strategy. The unique combination of Entryway sensors, Area sensors, robust analytics, and a vast network of integration partners provides the most complete view into office utilization across campuses, buildings, floors, rooms, individual desks, and more. 

At-a-Glance, Entryway is: 

  • An optical sensor that measures building and floor capacity by using computer vision technology
  • The answer to questions that keep executives up at night as they plan their return to office strategy 
  • The simplest way to instill trust & confidence in your return to office strategy for employees as they come back, walk through doors, and collaborate in hallways

Your Biggest Advantage: VergeSense Signs of Life

If a coat is hanging on the back of a chair, is that desk in use? Yes — however other sensors would say no. VergeSense Signs of Life™ allows you to capture and recognize people in spaces as well as the objects commonly used by people to passively occupy spaces when they are not present - such as backpacks, laptops, and clothing.

This technology, unique to VergeSense, helps you understand when any space is in-use, even if someone has momentarily stepped away. This provides real estate decision-makers, like you, with the most complete view into office utilization across buildings, floors, rooms, individual desks, and more.

Passive occupancy data powered by VergeSense Signs of Life technology is especially important to your return-to-office strategy because it allows you to accurately provide services such as hot-desking to employees without going over capacity. Passive occupancy data can also help optimize your workplace for collaboration and improved employee experience by giving you insights into how your space is being used and when.

Take your Next Step With Us

Learn more about VergeSense Signs of Life and the importance of people-counting data to your return to office strategy in our upcoming webinar, "New Insights: How to Overcome Return to Office Uncertainty and Design a Hybrid Workplace". Register today.