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Using Workplace Assistant to Analyze Space Availability

July 3rd, 2024 | 3 min. read

Using Workplace Assistant to Analyze Space Availability


VergeSense is the industry leader in providing enterprises with a true understanding of their occupancy and how their offices are actually being used.

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Let’s dive into the incredible features of VergeSense’s Workplace Assistant and how it can transform your understanding of space usage trends and provide recommendations for increasing space availability. This blog will walk through the steps you can take to analyze your space usage.

Understanding Your Spaces

To start, you can ask Workplace Assistant to give you a detailed overview of the spaces in your building. It will provide a comprehensive list of spaces by type and highlights the most and least used areas. This initial insight is crucial for understanding the data you’re working with.

Examine Conference Room Utilization

Next, delve deeper into conference room usage. Ask Workplace Assistant to rank all conference rooms by their active usage percentage, including the average person count when used and the capacity for each room. After a brief moment, it will provide a detailed breakdown of each conference room, offering insights into their utilization rates and capacity.

Visualizing Data

One of the standout features of Workplace Assistant is its ability to visualize data. Request a chart showing the average breakdown of the most used conference rooms, categorized by active versus passive usage. The resulting chart will be very informative, highlighting spaces with higher passive usage that could be optimized for better collaboration.

Strategic Recommendations

Workplace Assistant doesn’t just provide data; it can offer strategic and personalized recommendations based on the analyzed data. Based on your unique data, it can identify high-usage rooms and suggest ways to facilitate more flexible scheduling. For lower-usage rooms, it might recommend repurposing or adding amenities. It also will examine spaces with significant passive usage and suggest ways to free up that time for more productive activities.

Planning for Future Growth

To understand the versatility of Workplace Assistant, you can ask whether you have the space to accommodate a projected 20% headcount growth next month, assuming employees are in the office three days a week. The tool will calculate current desk capacity, usage, projected headcount, and office day adjustments. It then compares the adjusted headcount for a typical day with our desk capacity and will confirm whether you can support the growth.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of how Workplace Assistant can help you comprehend space usage within your office and make informed optimization decisions. Whether you’re looking to improve conference room utilization, plan for future growth, or make strategic adjustments to your space, Workplace Assistant has the tools to support your goals.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on how VergeSense is revolutionizing the workplace with cutting-edge technology.