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The Q3 Occupancy Intelligence Index

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The Occupancy Intelligence Index provides year-to-date benchmarks around overall portfolio occupancy trends, capacity usage (utilization), and the time usage broken out by geography, region, and day of week.  This quarter we will be taking a close look at one of the biggest challenges workplace leaders are facing: meeting rooms. 

On-the-Fly Meeting Room Use Has Become the Norm:

27% of all meeting room use is “on-the-fly,” meaning someone uses the space without formally booking it. This amounts to over 18 million minutes of ad hoc usage. 

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Meetings Are Ending Early and Excess Meeting Room Time is Being Wasted

Independent of the volume of meeting participants and room size, 25% of meetings are ending at least 15 minutes early - this amounts to over 22 million minutes of wasted time in the space that could be returned to the calendar for other team members to use (VergeSense recovered 230,000 minutes for its customers).

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Ghosting is Real, and It’s Scary

11.3% of all meetings are ghosted - meaning the room is booked, but no physical participants attend. This amounts to over 10 million minutes of time where valuable space is wasted (VergeSense recovered 150,000 minutes for its customers).

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The Q3 Occupancy Intelligence Index

In this quarter’s Occupancy Intelligence Index, we’re focusing on the number one issue that every workplace leader is trying to tackle today: optimizing their meeting rooms. So we’ve analyzed the usage of workplaces around the world to create the most comprehensive set of meeting room benchmarks ever created.


13,000 Meeting Rooms


200+ Companies


45+ Countries