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3rd Edition

The Occupancy Intelligence Index 

The evolution of the office is here - in fact it’s just getting started. This edition of The Occupancy Intelligence Index focuses on space design, so workplace leaders can ensure their spaces meet the new working patterns and needs of their employees.

Q4-Index-Header2-min1The Occupancy Intelligence Index is derived from the largest first-party space utilization data set in the world and provides leaders with comprehensive workplace benchmarks and insights.


Desks Shouldn't be Your Only Option

Desks are the most frequently seen design element, but they aren’t the most popular space in the office. Desks might act as homebase, but Conference Rooms, Collaboration Rooms, and Open Collaboration Spaces are where people want to spend their time.


When it Comes to Collaboration Space, There's Room for Improvement

When we looked at space mix in 2023, we only saw a slight increase in Open Collaboration Space and a slight decrease in Desks. People want to use the office for collaboration, and design still has some catching up to do.


Space Mix Has Everything to Do with Industry

Your perfect space mix has everything to do with the objectives of your workplace strategy as well as the type of work that your employees are using the office for.