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Metrikus and VergeSense

Better together

VergeSense and Metrikus partner to improve buildings by connecting building assets, sensors, and multiple data sources into a single digital platform. Our combined solution delivers transformative insights to make spaces productive, efficient, and sustainable.


Reduce the environmental impact of your building to increase its long-term value.

Create a healthy and productive workplace with optimal indoor air quality and space planning.


Ensure the maintenance and use of your building is optimized to reduce costs.



VergeSense and Metrikus make data accessible and easy to understand. With real-time information on all aspects related to spaces and buildings, you can see everything you need to know at a glance. Understanding the health and usage of your space has never been easier with custom dashboards, reports, alerts, and rules.



Our Solution

How it works

Metrikus is a building efficiency platform that helps organizations to make their building space more efficient, productive, and sustainable. Their cloud-based software aggregates raw building data into one central place and then transforms it into analysis-ready data. These actionable insights can either be visualized on dashboards on their web application or, via our API, they offer Data-as-a-Service (DaaD) to push data into any third-party application. Learn more.


VergeSense is the company behind the Occupancy Intelligence Platform. Over 160 companies across 43 countries rely on VergeSense for a true understanding of how their portfolios and spaces are actually used so you don’t have to compromise between reducing cost and improving employee experience.
Learn more.