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Infogrid powered by VergeSense

Better together

VergeSense and Infogrid partner to improve spaces in your building through sensor-driven insights. The combined solution automates and optimizes facilities and building management.


Automate operating processes based on measured data.

Monitor air quality, heating, and cooling components for well-being.

Improved space usage and less space booking friction.


VergeSense and Infogrid provide building owners, facilities, and workplace managers with real-time access to building data to help them meet sustainability goals, reduce costs, and improve employee productivity and well-being.

Infogrid makes it easy to navigate multiple IoT platforms by aggregating multiple data sources, including VergeSense, into one platform. The combined IoT data-sets result in employee confidence in a safe and optimally designed workplace. 



Our Solution

How it works

Infogrid is changing the world through building intelligence. The AI-powered platform gathers and analyzes data from the smartest IoT technology to drive the mission of making every building healthy, efficient, and sustainable. Learn more.


VergeSense is the company behind the Occupancy Intelligence Platform. Over 160 companies across 43 countries rely on VergeSense for a true understanding of how their portfolios and spaces are actually used so you don’t have to compromise between reducing cost and improving employee experience. Learn more.