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The Occupancy Intelligence Summit

On September 12th, VergeSense hosted it's first Occupancy Intelligence Summit where Michael Advani of BCG and Melissa Ogden of Airbnb shared the strategies they've put into place to answer two major space optimization questions we're all facing:

  • Am I really running out of meeting rooms
  • How can I improve my office design to meet employee needs?

Watch the recording to hear their stories - and read on to see how VergeSense enables their strategies.

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Key Question #1

Am I Really Running Out of Meeting Rooms?

Workplace leaders are increasingly being told by employees that they are running out of meeting rooms. There are two potential causes of this problem, depending on whether the need for more meeting rooms is a perceived problem or an actual problem. 

While there are many aspects that contribute to efficient, collaborative, and productive space use, this journey all starts with a deep understanding of the contributing employee behaviors that can make it feel like these spaces are running out even when they are not. These behaviors include:


Get more out of your meeting rooms

The VergeSense Occupancy Intelligence Platform captures and analyzes the behaviors that lead to meeting room inefficiencies so you can apply the right strategy to ensure spaces are available, your teams are productive, and their experience in the office is worth the commute - all without investing in more space.

Space Booking Automation

Passive Occupancy Detection

Real-Time Availability Data + Kiosks

One of the Big Three consulting firms was consistently hearing from employees that they were running out of meeting spaces. VergeSense captured and analyzed actual meeting room usage data during the times of these recurring meetings and found 40% of meetings were ghosted across 10,400 hours of room bookings because attendees were more likely to be on the road than in the office. By automatically releasing these unused spaces, this customer realized an estimated cost avoidance of $50,000/month.


Key Question #2

How can I Improve My Office Design to Meet Employee Needs?

The shift towards flexible work models has accelerated a move towards a broader set of space preferences and demands among employees, essentially redefining the idea of what constitutes workplace amenities. Leaders in the workplace are actively focused on curating spaces that address these evolving needs and expectations, fostering workplaces that are versatile, user-friendly, technology-enabled, and tailored to individual and team work styles.

This can lead to the other side of the previous problem: you are actually running out of space because your current layout is no longer meeting your employees’ needs. A few root causes of this newfound lack of space could be attributed to:


More Efficient Spaces

The VergeSense Occupancy Intelligence Platform analyzes the exact capacity usage of each space along with how often each space is being used, so you can create more of the spaces that employees want, while reevaluating the ones that aren't as popular.

Usage Map

VergeSense x ChatGPT

Unlock the Potential of Every Space

As your organization navigates the dynamics of ever-changing employee preferences and organizational needs, let occupancy intelligence power your decision making.