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Resource - Employee Office Use Drops 80% Below Historical Averages with COVID-19 | VergeSense

March 23rd, 20202 min read

Coronavirus Created Social Distancing In Offices Last Week Before Widespread WFH Mandates | VergeSense

March 17th, 20205 min read

Resource - 2019 VergeSense Office Utilization and Workspace Engagement Report | VergeSense

December 23rd, 20196 min read

VergeSense 1H Workplace Experience & Office Space Employee Survey | VergeSense

August 1st, 20199 min read

Types of Occupancy Sensors for the Workplace | VergeSense

June 13th, 20198 min read

The Office Was Only 40% Utilized in 2018 | VergeSense

January 11th, 20197 min read

Why Are Employees Ghosting Their Conference Rooms? | VergeSense

December 13th, 20187 min read

HVAC Occupancy Sensors: How to Unlock Savings | VergeSense

December 6th, 20184 min read

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Resource - Visit VergeSense and the Future of the Data-Driven Office at CoRE TECH 2018! | VergeSense

November 9th, 20182 min read

Resource - AI, IoT and Smart Buildings: Moving beyond sensors to Actionable Insights | VergeSense

November 8th, 20184 min read

Office Space Efficiency: Optimizing the Workplace | VergeSense

November 2nd, 20185 min read

Resource - VergeSense Raises $1.5M to Make the Data-driven Workplace a Reality with AI-Powered Sensor-as-a-Service Platform | VergeSense

October 24th, 20184 min read