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Webinar: Space Management and Tenant Engagement Roundtable 

The way people work and learn has changed and the need for flexibility and multiple use buildings has increased dramatically. How do you set-up a traditional space to fit the needs of multiple people? What is the technology needed to achieve these goals?


Tune in to this interactive discussion and hear from our expert panelists as they dive into key topics around space utilization strategies and trends. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand how space management trends have changed
  • Best practices for space management and how to utilize space most efficiently
  • Comprehend long-term goals for organizations on using space within their building 


We look forward to continuing the conversation around the enabling the future of work, hybrid workspaces and workplace design. If you have any questions specific to your workplace needs, one of our in-house experts would be happy to discuss.

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Interested in even more insights? Check out our guide to The Future of Workplace Utilization: How to Measure True Occupancy and gain a complete understanding of true occupancy, and how to measure it with spatial intelligence technologies.

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