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Get early access to the next Occupancy Intelligence Index.

The world’s first and only Occupancy Intelligence Platform

Gain a true understanding of how your spaces are actually used so you can strike the perfect balance between reducing cost and improving experience.

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A well-balanced portfolio

Occupancy Intelligence for Portfolio Optimization

Capture people count across your portfolio and leverage VergeSense AI to generate insights around total occupancy, people count distribution, percentage of time across the portfolio, and occupancy by day of week. Ensure your portfolio is properly sized to support your future workplace needs.

More effective spaces

Occupancy Intelligence for Space Optimization

Capture what’s happening in every workspace and use VergeSense AI to generate insights around passive occupancy, active occupancy, and people count for more effective space planning, design, cleaning, and availability.  Create a commute-worthy experience that fosters collaboration and productivity.


What our customers are saying

 “VergeSense allowed us to understand which spaces best support the way our employees work. Applying what we learned from space usage data enabled us to adjust our design plans to reflect our teams’ needs and the data drove us towards flexible furniture solutions that would allow us to continue to iterate our workplaces.” 

Get started fast

Deployment in any building or space in under 90 days

Whether it’s a new or existing build, a conference room, a collaborative space, an open area, or a space type unique to your design choices - our network of wired and wireless sensors can be installed and deployed in under 90 days.  We've got you covered. 


Supercharge your workplace applications with occupancy intelligence

The VergeSense Occupancy Intelligence Platform integrates with over 45 workplace applications and provides you with a single platform for insights, decision-making and automating critical workflows.

Get a personalized demo

Schedule a personalized demo with VergeSense and learn how the Occupancy Intelligence Platform can help your workplace, real estate, and facilities operations teams strike the perfect balance between cost and experience.