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How the platform works

Take a closer look at the technology that powers the world’s leading spatial intelligence platform.

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Data capture system

Our network of wired and wireless optical sensors captures accurate and anonymous occupancy, people count, and object data. This network provides reliable data for confidence in your decision making, and future-proof technology capable of tackling key projects.


VergeSense AI

Analyze data to detect when spaces are in active and passive use by identifying humans and objects associated with human presence. Eliminate ambiguity about space utilization with human-like understanding at scale.

VergeSense Spatial Intelligence Platform analyzes passive occupancy via Signs of Life

Cloud portal

Our cloud-based application and developer tool kit to visualize data and orchestrate workflow integrations with third-party solutions allows you to stop wasting time on analysis, integrate all systems, and automate simple manual tasks. Make better data decisions faster, reduce costs, and improve your productivity and that of your employees.


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VergeSense Spatial Intelligence Platform illustrating a heat map of what spaces are most popular to employees