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How to Conduct an Audit for Workplace Sustainability | VergeSense

January 6th, 20227 min read

Top 7 Workplace Predictions for 2022 | VergeSense

January 5th, 20227 min read

Workplace Strategy & Office Design Checklist for 2022

January 4th, 20227 min read

The Importance of the Employee Workplace Experience in 2022 | VergeSense

December 29th, 20219 min read

Companies are Committing to Sustainability Initiatives in the Workplace in 2022 | VergeSense

December 27th, 20218 min read

Workplace Investments that Will Attract Top Talent in 2022 | VergeSense

December 22nd, 20218 min read

How Leadership Teams are Partnering with IT to Design Smart Buildings | VergeSense

December 20th, 20217 min read

The Rise of Multipurpose and Community-Oriented Coworking Spaces | VergeSense

December 16th, 20217 min read

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How to Develop a Workplace Strategy for Gen Z | VergeSense

December 14th, 20219 min read

Hybrid Office Design Strategies for 2022 and Beyond | VergeSense

December 9th, 20217 min read

Developing a Workplace Strategy for Your Smart Office | VergeSense

December 8th, 20218 min read

How to Leverage Recent Workplace Insights to Optimize your CRE Strategy | VergeSense

December 2nd, 20217 min read

Why ESG Standards Should be at the Forefront of your Workplace Strategy | VergeSense

December 1st, 20216 min read

How to Leverage Data to Design Hybrid Offices | VergeSense

November 30th, 20216 min read

How to Conduct an Audit for Workplace Optimization in 2022 | VergeSense

November 22nd, 20217 min read

How Workplace Design Strategy Impacts Employee Retention | VergeSense

November 18th, 20217 min read

Workplace Experience Roles to Hire For in 2022 | VergeSense

November 17th, 20218 min read

How Top Companies are Navigating the Return to Office | VergeSense

November 11th, 20216 min read


VergeSense Raises $60M in Series C Funding to Raise the Power of the Square Foot | VergeSense

November 9th, 20214 min read

8 RTO Questions to Shape your Return to Work Strategy in 2021 | VergeSense

November 9th, 20218 min read