Frequently asked questions

How much time does this take to install?

Individual sensors take minutes, and an entire building can be set up in a single day

Are your sensors added onto my IT network?

We have the option of either backhauling data over a cellular gateway, or integrating with your internal network. We’re flexible - it’s up to you

Can you develop a custom model to count other assets in my building?

Yes - our neural network is fully generalizable. If you have a specific use-case in mind, please let us know

How much area can I cover per sensor?

It varies depending on the height at which each sensor is mounted - but a good rule of thumb is about 1 sensor per 1000 sq ft

How much does your solution cost?

We offer a flat annual price that includes hardware + software + data services, with discounts for higher volume deployments. Contact us to get a quote

Do you have a reseller program?

Yes - fill out a contact form & our business development team will be in touch

Can I OEM your solution into one of my products?

Not yet - but reach out to our team to express interest

Do I need to pay for a data plan for the cellular gateway?

No – data charges are included in our per-sensor price

Can you send data to other devices in my building?

Yes - we can route data to other local devices on your internal building network (without transmitting back to a cloud service)

Where do you process raw sensor data?

We use edge-based machine learning to process all data directly on our devices - no raw sensory data ever leaves your building.

Who owns the data?

You do. You are free to consume data through our portal, or use our API to route it anywhere you want

Do you have a PoE offering?

Yes - contact us to learn more